Seeking no truth, behind no attributes.
Purity and curiosity came to mind.
Traumatized by suppressed past experience.
Hoping to make a different life by choice.

When everything is said and done,
you’ll put faith to the last.
You may never know,
this will be the thing that crushes your life, your hope,
your spirit, your soul, your everything.

Demands are taken, wishes are made.
Thinking that everything is under control.

Yet you scream for help to guide you out
from the darkness within your world.
The one who abandoned you,
is the one who’ll reject you.

Nothing Left

I’ve fallen you upon your knees
Made you drove the river of your tears
Those guilty feelings I had for you
Wish we’d never been through these miseries

This thing, it takes two to be one
You wanted to walk but i rather stop
Thoughts and arguments filling our days
We would walk each other apart, so we know it

So now we’re living our own way
Hard to believe ‘us’ would be a success
Memories and aches filling our dreams
Making my consciousness a rushing stream

‘I am sorry’ is hard to be spoken
As every letter of it has its consequences
Strength, happiness, patience looks from the outside
No one knows a sinking ship at the inside

*Differences are hard to unite
Impossible ways we have tried
Still it is not working for us
It’s hard to believe we would last

**Joys and regret company our act
This tragedy hold me up I can’t react
I’m not wise but at least I could think twice
If only I could turn back time