I have an experience today. This was based on what happened when i was trying to help my friend creating a banner with link for her blog. You know, “Kambing Jantan” is a short story made by some guy named Raditya Dhika. This was a story about his own personal life as far as im concerned, correct me if i am wrong. Apparently this story is about to be made for theatre movie.

This Raditya guy is kind enough to have some people attending the premiere show of his short-story movie, for FREE! Based on some condition which one of all is to put an advertisement banner of this movie, as a header of your blog. Well, after a long time-wasting chat i managed to know, that my friend (let’s name her Esra) does not really know how to edit her own blog layout. Simply to say, she was just too lazy to figure it out.

Anyways, i managed to cut the long-side stories for her and later showed her via chatting platform how to manage her blog layout step-by-step. This is rather difficult knowing she is not using WordPress. I tried my best anyhow. The part that pissed me off yet made me laughing, were the facts that i was using the Indonesian language and she was using English. So we kind of asking things to each other “all right, what does ‘preview’ stands for in you Indonesian language” or perhaps “umm…try to click ‘tampilan’…wait, the English is ‘layout’ i guess” and so on.

After several tries we gave up and decided to use one same language, which was English. This turned out to be helpful (of course, why didnt we do it from the first time!). She finally managed to have that banner showed up as a header.

Then another silly things happened, she was asking whether her old header had been saved or not. I told hor not, as she might see the option to save the old setting for the old header. You know what happened next? Yeah, you might know it too well. She asked to repeat the whole mess from the start!! I told her that i was too sleepy to continue, it was 4am already since i have just gotten home when she was bugging me for 3 hours long!

You see, when i was searching for image she would like to use as the banner, i found some interesting link which would be really helpful. This Dhika guy might be asking for some quite-uneasy-to-do things for my friend, but he also put some link on what to do with those banner image. Too bad when i asked Esra, she simply replied that it was too hard to comprehend. In a matter of fact, i preview her blog and notice that she was good at using HTML commands. For this case, i might say she was too lazy to read all the help links offered when she was working with the banner.

This would be my biggest concern, why should you still be lazy when everything you need is put right in your face. All you have to do is tyring to use them, as a help for example. Why must you bother other person, when you had it all and capable of doing it by yourself. Please, you must know that some people’s help might be on the way yet laziness is still your own biggest enemy. Try to defeat it for yourself before asking for any help that was not necessary.

note: as i read all the ‘how to’ FAQ and help, i managed to create this account for me…i found it interesting to blog…