It’s been a month to count i am not sleeping in a normal fashion. I always stay up late until 5 am everyday. Without being able to close my eyes even though i have tried. The result was quite awful: i wake up around 2 pm each day.

Yesterday was better, after having some activities outdoor and trapped under heavy traffic, i managed to get some good normal sleep and wake up early in the morning. But i fell asleep around 8 pm for 3 hours, so i had my sleeping rythm back to my “normal” again, which is stay up late.

I wonder if there is anything to do with this problem. If i continue this state, at a slow rate i will damaged my own physical health. It never feels good to stay up late and woke up even later. Actually, it is awful to have this habbit. I wanted to try something, exercise comes to mind first. Notice that going online, reading, and writing around midnight each day not helping me getting these eye lids closed.

So, it is about 5 am now. It would be better if i log off and try to get some good sleep. Farewell then.

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