A Thank-You-Hang-Out

It all started when i suddenly felt okay about picking up a phone, actually made one back. Somehow, the missed call my mate did was giving me some chill. I wonder if it had something to do with our photography small project. It turned out that he and some friends decided to drop by at my house. The appointment was made rather around night, so i could wait for my mom coming home.

Like usual, someone did make some mess in my house. We used to do it  somehow, and my mom seemed to be okay with it. I left them with some drinks and snacks before changing my clothes upstairs.  Likewise, my friends played words with each other, making fun of themselves while waiting. I just joined them later.

There was nothing special about the hangout. We just did some chatters, smoke shisha, had card games, pool table laughter, and open-ended sessions. But upon all it was my friends intention to take me out for awhile that really gave me the chill down my spine. I never thought they would’ve come that far just to cheer me up.

Anyway, it always been a pleasure to do anything with you guys even it is something that takes sacrifices. The next time we go out, let it be not because of something blue but rather something shiny and bright!!

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