Thorn and Scar

Recently, i’ve been hearing some late 80’s rock songs. One of them was performed by Poison. You may all know the song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. It was released in October 1988 as their single. I dont’ really know much about Poison, but i’m telling that this is one of the song that made them famous as a band, yet a legendary one.

Just like Brett Michael said in the song, “every rose has its thorn”, you wouldn’t mind to stop by and smell the roses. It’s actually fun, and sometimes inspiring. But, do you ever think that its thorn is the one that really make your day? Oh yes i do think so!

You would never tell people with whom you share story that a rose was smelt while you were walking down the street. I’d rather say, that someone notices even more when he/she sees you bleeding and ask “hey, what’s wrong?”. This is the very true part of roses, every one of them has its thorn. You might remember the color, the smell, where you smelt it, but you would even memorize the wound when you hit the its thorn.

Same thing with people, in my humblest opinion, sometime you’d be seeing each other and enjoy it. As if you were stopping by for those roses. But no matter how beautiful the memories,  i don’t know why, always the “wound” that you keep most as memories.

Oh, haven’t i mentioned that every “wound” leaves its “scar”? Do they heal? Of course, but it takes time.

There, i have said it…

6 thoughts on “Thorn and Scar

  1. astaga, i haven’t read ur blog loh when i wrote “every wound will leave a scar” on my twitter hahahah.
    i do personally think so jo, emosi negatif memang lebih gampang diinget kan dibandingkan emosi positif? buat gua sih, wounds will heal, you may forgive but forgetting is not an easy thing to do.
    nice posting gan 🙂

  2. Seconding the first comment. If my memory doesn’t fail me (as it often did), I remember reading that the notion of ‘negative memories are easier to be recalled more than the positive ones’ were already scientifically proven.

    Well, even though deep wounds leave scars, I’d like to think that they are proofs that we fight and learn, and how we see those scars shape our view of life. I just hope that there I won’t see the day when (I or) the people I know well won’t let their wounds heal 😦

  3. @tari: scar only means we join the fight, but learning, as for me means not taking the wound at the same place. Indeed, some people rather keeping themselves wounded, than scarred.

  4. *tilted head, tried to understand the metaphor, and after long minutes, finally nodded in understanding and agreement*

    I see your point, thanks for the insight 🙂

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