Speed It!

I wonder what to trust from this Telecommunication Speed that has its slogan everywhere. “Speed that you can trust”, is it something that were so easy to be said. Hey, we all are consumers and need some good service instead of a-hot-chick-riding-a-sport-car-advertisement!!

Nevertheless, im getting much more complain from some of my friends and colleagues rather than positive comments for this s0-called-Speed services. So im starting to ask myself, is a few hundred thousands Rupiahs worth the service in general. Eventually, one may come to a conclusion of saying “NO!”.

Please, maintain your customer with care. Our loyalty should be thanked with better services.
Yeah, i notice that it has promo package etc to gain more customer. This could mean that it is losing its customer, one by one. Keep this bad service and ‘down’ connection every once a week, and it might find itself stops the service.


One thought on “Speed It!

  1. *pat pat* been there, bro. My ISP, I***sat was not any better; except the more expensive package. Like I told you, the service wasn’t always like that in other regions. Ours, seems to be particularly vulnerable to down connection *sigh*

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