Writing as a Stress Reliever (personal thought)

“Do writing whenever you feel stressed”

That thought always rings in my head when i feel down and don’t know what to do or where to go to have the pain away.

I was watching KickAndy (a talkshow in MetroTV of Indonesia, hosted by Andy F. Noya) with the topic of disease. There was this one man, who were crippled as he was having a multiple sclerosis. He told the audience that it was very frustrating back then for him, unable to do anything at all not even moving his own body. He needed help to reach, to move places, and to have basic needs like eating. The thought of writing to relieve stress was once announced and talked about by this man. He told stories of how he wrote everyday since he was able to move his hand (barely). Eventually, when he healed completely (but still using wheelchair now) a biography of his entire life and about this disease is finished. His wife helped him to print and to distribute it around some bookstore.

I started this out with that story, just as reminder how writing can be a useful cure for those who lives with stress and depression. Even one man can change his view of this life, though was crippled and barely could move any part of his own body, just by practice some writing. Anykind of writing, just write what you like whenever you feel you are into it. No need to feel ashamed to know that yours is filled with heart-to-heart-personal-matter stories. Doesn’t matter at all, as long as you enjoy, then do it. Thus, great things started by crazy ideas that we enjoy doing it no matter what other people says.

Well, surely this one helps you all out there to understand the better use of writing. Start to write now, and be proud of it. Because if you won’t then no one would. Have a nice day dear reader!

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