Missing Link

It’s been awhile since our last chat
It’s been months actually since we truly chat
It’s been years for real since we met each other
It’s been decade since i decide to go someplace


It’s been awhile since I’ve been thinking that you are my missing link to that place

Where are you now? Have you done your unfinished business? I’d be gladly wander or even lurking around. Just tell me when you’re okay to be my missing link, we’ll go to that place together…

If You Love Reading, Then Read Everything Useful

I just chat with one of my friends in messenger. IN FACT, i still have this conversation box open. While chatting, we manage to argue and debate about how ‘help’ menu could be a great source of information.

From this point on, i had this question in my head: “if you like reading, why only read those books you like, and not those information you need (e.g: help menu, newspaper, user’s guide book of a device or gadget)?” I wonder, there were so many people back then who admitted to me how they prone to reading. Those pile of memories of books title they had read. But, the counterpoint was these people never truly ‘read’ any informational source regarding something that they were engaged to. Like for example, twitter.com.

So many info you can gain upon reading the help menu, not only a video of “how to use twitter”, it provides you extra explanation of how a replies works, what’s a ReTweet (RT) is, and so much more. But, a ‘help’ menu is never truly read. This is so contradictory to the hobby of reading these people has.

My word of advise: if you do like reading, please make sure yourself to read something useful. With this hobby of yours, i’m sure you would catch the idea of those informations while you reading. As i never seen any help that goes out of the topic. Confusing and complicated perhaps, but it won’t take you further from what you’re looking for. Of course, if you’re reading the right one.

How to avoid the wrong info? The answer is simple, ‘read’ carefully. You would know if it strays you out of the topic.


* inspired by Ica, who happens to be a curious friend of mine 🙂
** her twitter as she approved to be displayed: