The Letter part 2

I burnt that letter to you
As i saw you walked with someone new
I turned my back and walked away
Never dreaming of you to come again

Now, a dove standing by my window
With a small paper tied to its feet
Who would it be, i want to know
Sending this bird, and the letter indeed

I start to read:
“Hi, how are you?”
I blink my eyes,
“Good, im fine too!”

She continues:
“I know how you feel…”
Oh Dear Lord,
is this for real?

I stopped reading, ran to the door
There she was, with her suitcase on the floor
“I’m so sorry i left you, i didn’t mean to hurt you.”
I said “that’s okay, i did the same mistakes too.”

She walked in with tears,
then i told her “don’t cry..
no need to fear…
it just does happen in life.”

I wrote this letter to you
I put all my compassion making it
Took days and night to complete
Now I’m giving it to you… 🙂

Out of Reach

I’ve sworn something that would make her standing (maybe waiting) in a distance i could never reach. I’ve said something that would let me do nothing but to be a good person for her.

This body is taking a one step forward while the mind taking two steps back. These hands is waving for her to come, while these foot is walking towards another direction.

Oh, so much contradiction i have in me. Nothing seems to be right, yet everything feels quite the opposite. Staring wildly with one eye while the other one closed itself from reality.

Yes indeed, you are just out of reach and i can make you come closer and closer and closer. Distance and time travel is nothing, as impossible is not the case here. So yes, i would want to stay beside you there, and make yourself mine!