The Letter part 2

I burnt that letter to you
As i saw you walked with someone new
I turned my back and walked away
Never dreaming of you to come again

Now, a dove standing by my window
With a small paper tied to its feet
Who would it be, i want to know
Sending this bird, and the letter indeed

I start to read:
“Hi, how are you?”
I blink my eyes,
“Good, im fine too!”

She continues:
“I know how you feel…”
Oh Dear Lord,
is this for real?

I stopped reading, ran to the door
There she was, with her suitcase on the floor
“I’m so sorry i left you, i didn’t mean to hurt you.”
I said “that’s okay, i did the same mistakes too.”

She walked in with tears,
then i told her “don’t cry..
no need to fear…
it just does happen in life.”

I wrote this letter to you
I put all my compassion making it
Took days and night to complete
Now I’m giving it to you… 🙂

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