The Yes and The No

So ironic, these days I’ve been living on. Every kind of obligation i should be doing is neglected yet anything that could made a total procrastinator is done perfectly! Any event that is not so important was attended, yet those important moments I had missed them all.  It is like I’m more keen to say yes to something i should not, and saying no otherwise.

I remember how i easily accepted my friend (an ex-girlfriend actually) invitation to take a walk in a park even at midnight. Ironic, because a day later i said no when my girlfriend asked me out. Other example was when i said no for a friend in need for help, yet i responded and left immediately when another friend of mine invited me for a party. This is terrible, doing anything fun and leaving sacrifices for greater good behind. I feel like a sad story with no happy ending, keep doing the wrong ones and walking even further into the darkness within this rough world.

By this point, i have realized that i should turn my wheels around and drive faster because i have many to catch up. I want to start something new, from a different perspective, and with a different way of approaching. Some people might think that I am change, not the same person anymore, not the friend he used to be. To hell with that, sorry to say it, but i have to let my rationale takes control of everything. Even if it’s painful, for the greater good, I am willing to do it. If it is not me, who else can change my fate?

I hope everyone is ready, especially me, because I am about to say Yes and No within appropriate circumstances and terms…

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