Open Letter

Dear readers,

I admit i did the post on twitter about Proquest username and password for February 2010. I did it on purpose, as a reply for some request upon logging in from some colleague. They had nothing to with it, just my wrong doing that cause the problem for both Proquest and University of Indonesia.

Therefore, on behalf of myself, I deeply apologize here in this open letter and swear not to let any circumstances like this to ever happen again.

Sincerely Yours,

Dear God, It Is An Empty Space…

God, i cant really ask myself so i am asking you. Have i gone to another wrong direction? I could not find anything but an empty space lying here. I barely see nobody if there was suppose to be someone. I could sense nothing but my own emotionless heart. I have nothing to say but “where am i”. Do i really have to be here, dear God? Even if i am, how could you left me with nothing?

If it is a true to life test for me, could you please at least leave me strength. I might not know whether this is a test of you or not, but with that strength at least i could build something from nothing here you left. All i have is nothing but my thought, my conscience, my heart beat, my emotion, all together work in one syncopation.

Then here came another thought, do you really want me to build something from nothing here, dear God? Do you really want me to recuperate myself not asking you to grant me any strength? Do you really intend to have me talk to myself here, alone, in silence, for i know that A GOOD HEART will come to live in loneliness? IS THAT WHAT YOU EXPECT ME TO HAVE? A GOOD HEARTED HUMAN BEING??