You’ll Always On My Mind

This is a song, an american artist’s song my father used to sing at every chance of singing he has.

Speaking of the title, there was someone whom i always wanted to see. No matter the distance needed to travel, no matter how long i had to wait, no matter any obstacle presented, i would always managed to see her. I wanted her so bad. This made me think, what had driven me to be that kind of person? To be a person who was persistent, wanting to meet a girl. Every single chance or spare time i had was used trying to meet her.

Kind of made me thinking, had she ever put a spell on me. I was so crazy about her i realized that just now. This made you even linger more on my mind. How could i have not the same passion with any other girls? What made you so difference, what kept me trying hard for you, what happened between us.

Truth is, i couldn’t find the answer. There was no regret when finally i left you over some parental-principle issues. It was not that i had no choice, but, the start was wrong i had admitted it. God would forgive us by closing our road or perhaps giving another chance. Yet the chance had been thrown away. I chose not to have you, and only learned from you. Having you running around on my silly head.

Still, i’m thinking, what is it of you that drives people to be passionately doing something. Be it for yourself, or for himself, or for both…