The Motivation Got Away

Sometimes anybody could experience a motivation got away. Just when a task was at hand, could have been done in a snap, right at that very moment, their inner strength lost suddenly. As if it were taken away from them, as if the air were taken from you as you were breathing. By that moment, it was no longer important to look upon your goals. What far more important was to run after your inner strength first, your motivation.

How could you get it? Nothing instant came in the process. The very simple way was to prepare yourself a present, a reward, a fake external motivation so that you could be moved to start working your task. The hardest way was to evaluate yourself, revalue your purposes of doing the task, thinking of cost and benefit if it had been done or abandoned, thinking about all the fight you had been through to get at the point where you were belong.

Chose one, then you would have yourself your motivation of whatsoever. Some people would go for the easiest one, to have an external motivation. Let me assure you, this would not last very long. Something that came from outside of your body and mind would never last as strong as what came from the inside. I would recommend finding yourself a genuine internal motivation whenever you met an obstacle. A bit difficult in the process but you could came over the hurdle in a snap, making it a stepping stone towards the greater achievement and pride.

Easier said than done, but trust me, i wrote this not just for scam. Only i had experienced it myself i could have the courage to write it. Every time i could not breath, losing my inner strength, i would always ask myself: did this hurdle or obstacle worth me turning back to the start or i should just break them to pieces and kept moving along? You should know the answer now…

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