After all these years, looking back to the past, my past. I realized something: i know how it felt not to have someone to always back you up with positive mental energy. The one who kept telling you to push hard, to run fast, to look forward. Thus, i tend to motivate everyone when they’re down. Not just some sweet talks instead, they really deserve it. I want to share my optimism-pessimism with them. To let them know, how a state of mind could really change everything.

My grandma’s sister once said “no matter how troubled the situation you are in, there will always be a shed of light at the end of the tunnel.” In short, she told us that time how positivity can occur even in the most troubled case. There will always be a positive thing from everything.

Well, i counter it not so long ago, with a status update on my facebook saying “There will always be a negative from a positive thing. Just like the two sides of a coin.”

Nevertheless, upon that negativity, another side has the positivity. The only problem would only be yourself, are you motivated enough to always see the positive? Being motivational is not easy. Sometimes you got to be positive to keep being motivated while some other times you got to have a true motivation to see the positive. This is tricky, using analogy of chicken and egg, i’d say motivation is chicken. With no true motivation, you’d see no positivity.

With this in mind, i keep motivating people who are close to me, hoping them to see some shed of light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it is.

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