Rebel and Disorder, Procrastination

I’ve read somewhere (sorry i couldn’t mention the source since i forgot), being a procrastinator is partly being a rebellious person as well. To procrastinate is a way to show how you dislike to be controlled by anyone.

I consider myself quite rebellious, so i tend to break rules and do the opposite to show how no one could ever command me. Funny thing, it happened sort of naturally…i realized this, few months ago, wanted to be a better person, but i still act the same.

A book written by Burka and Yuen (2005) called “Procrastination: Why you do it, what to do about it now”, analyzing and mentioning that turning yourself to a non-procrastinator takes nothing more than a commitment to change yourself. A simple set of schedule would help you, they say. For example, you could organize your activity (routine ones) in a simple daily schedule. I bet you all have that mobile calendar on your mobile phones. It’s similar to that, only this one written or printed on papers.

All you got to do is making yourself an hour-by-hour tables of activity containing a routine-to-do stuffs (starting at your waking up hour, say 5 a.m). Say, everyday you always go to sleep by 11 p.m, then go ahead and draw yourself boxes starting at 5 a.m up until 11 p.m. Inside those boxes, you could write anything and how long it occurs. For example, i would write “shower” at 6 a.m and i would note it occurs for 10 minutes. It means i would still have 50 minutes until 7-8 a.m box. I could write anything else that takes less than it, say having a breakfast.

This might sound annoying, but by doing this, starting from just a day, a week, a month, eventually a year. You would notice that you’re no longer a procrastination. Since then you might have become a person who loves to do anything as scheduled, it means, no procrastination 🙂