To not have something in your grasp is not the end of the world
Sometimes, people are given different path to success by God
We will never know what lies within our life ahead
Some say, “just keep doing your best” and eventually i will get there

To be honest, by the moment i got rejected for master degree study
At that point i feel like i am the stupidest person in the world
Even worse, i was not in for psychological master degree
In short, not only stupid, as if i was not ‘normal’ enough to be a psychologist

Apparently i got less motivated doing things in my life since then
I hardly can sleep, I eat not by appetite but due to meal time,
I have not shaved for two weeks since the notification of apply
Now i think, i need to clear my head before i want to go for it again

First thing first, do i really want to become a clinical psychologist?
Is it really my passion? I mean, with all those responsibilities at work.
I have been thinking for the past three days. If there is anything i would like to do in life, it would be sitting in room, trying to listen and analyze people, in order to get them to a point where they would be healthy and normal enough to socialize and live their life.

I’m a helpful one, I can assure you of that. By becoming a psychologist I want to expand my skills of lending assistant to people, especially those who are not in normal situation of daily life. So many thoughts and treatments they got from society while they could not understand what is wrong with theirselves, to be treated in such ways.

It is a pity to see facts like that, people were judged based on something they did not really understand. It would take a lot of time to change those minds of how people should be normal. A change of system of education would repair that. Me? I just want to help those victim of such a broken system. I just want to help them who get cornered because they were deviant by any means.

By writing, I could only beg any of you readers to try understand why some people are not normal not because they want to. It is something they are born with or how they were raised. You can not tell someone he/ she is a freak just because they prefer to be alone. You should be proud of them since they have the courage to do everything on their own behalf.

With this reason in mind, i hope i could get through my second attempt to apply for psychological master degree. A lot of people need help, and here i am sitting ducks hoping for a guidance to help them.