A Loving Experience

Quite a unique story I had on yesterday.

Started on the morning when I took my lady to have an appointment with a doctor whom I introduced her to. I received a news of my friend’s father funeral. He died of a sudden coronary heart attack, treated as a common illness (since he said he felt unwell). God’s destiny it was, if he was meant to survive there would be someone knowing symptoms of heart attack and took him to the hospital. But this is life anyway. So I attended his funeral preparation, did a prayer for him. This would mean I postponed my GF’s plan to see a doctor. I was glad she was okay with this, as she usually isn’t. After that we headed straight to the hospital.

While waiting at the hospital, we discussed the possibility of going to this European educational fair in Jakarta Convention Centre, Southern Jakarta. When we discussed it, her mom called saying an uncle of her had arrived from Holland. Such a rare visit she must see him at his house on Tangerang. This was disastrous for a moment, she felt sad since this trip to European fair had been planned well but family would be family, we would be there for our family vice versa. Then just about her number about to be called on queue line, her friend texted telling the fair was crowded as hell. Disappointed, she decided not to go there instead told me to take her to his uncle’s.

On the road after the medical check up, I chose (seemingly at the time to be) the wrong exit on the highway. We ended up stuck in traffic jam for around 2 hours. I was tired and pissed since the morning I drove her (cause my own reasons), she got tired and pissed since the call about her uncle’ arrival. We actually argued for many (what seemed to be) unimportant things, for a moment I even thought of leaving her in the middle of the highway (but I didn’t since I don’t want to be an asshole). I drove for a straight highway to Tangerang then this was fruitful, the city ring road was somehow had this most congested traffic jam if I might say. They weren’t moving at all as if those cars were being parked! We got lucky we hit the Merak highway (the name of it) despite the jam upon exiting before reaching it.

The climax was when we stopped for a late lunch (it was 3 p.m) on a rest area. I got worried since there was some radiation from a transmitter for local televisions satellite. Everyone asked to lock their car manually, this made me anxious alright. Being critical, I told her many things she should/ shouldn’t had done. This conversation ended up with her saying that it was painful (or pain in the ass) to hear me talking. That was just it.

After meal, I tried to apologize but she didn’t seem to care (I heard her sighing while I was talking). Hearing this, I told her to forget what I said. I got pissed off again, she refused to discuss it and not even took my apology. We drove back to his uncle’s house then she got even more pissed receiving many calls asking her whereabout. Her family thought I took the wrong route and worried for her. I knew where I was going, so I asked her “Where’s your uncle?” and I meant to ask his house location/ area since there were many housing complex in Tangerang. Instead of telling what I needed to know, she simply said “He’s at his house”, then a critic came off of my mouth saying she should had said the location as it was not the time for joking around.

Hatred (if I may say that), that was what we felt during this trip to Tangerang. She pissed enough and managed to have her eyes sight-seeing on the car window and ignoring me all the way back to Tangerang. Me? I wrote earlier how I had that idea of leaving her in the highway. Anyhow, we care for each other too much, we love each other too much. I felt tired after driving so many hours (also) got stuck among traffic jams, she kindly made me a drink immediately after we arrived on her uncle’s. I didn’t know how but all those negative emotions seemed to run dry of that day’s heat.

After a few minutes of chatter with families, laughter, and smile upon each other (between me and her), we walked to the kitchen talking about what happened then came out with our pinky wrinkled (a way to say I’m sorry). Not so long after that, we all went out for dinner in this mall named SMS. For the first time I thought texting was free of charge here, yet it stood for Summarecon Mall Serpong. We walked the mall, we had dinner, we talked and laughed, we shared dinner and a piece of pancake. The clock was showing 11 p.m as i took my leave and say goodbye to the rest of the family. She walked me to the door, hugged me, and we both said we were sorry of what happened earlier that day.

Love, never unpredictable, when we thought things were shit somehow it turned out to be as sweet as honey.

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