Once there was this application on Facebook, about the big 5 traits of human personality (conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness to experience, extraversion, and neuroticism), that i had took back then.
It was about a simple and free (but not comprehensive of course, you must pay for it) about how a personality of an individual varies among those 5 traits postulated by Costa-McRae on 1992.

Simply put, i was ‘diagnosed’ as having a low neuroticism and conscientiousness compared to other’s result, and in general level of the other three traits. Nowadays, i feel more anxious about my life and significant others. I worried too much someone might get hurt or in brink of a dangerous situation, i often thought that he/ she should not doing whatever one was supposed to. I was not sure if it was just me or maybe those ‘danger’ could really arose presenting harm to my loved ones.

My story currently, i worry too much that she might be in trouble of some sort. I just don’t want anything happens to her, but maybe i am thinking about it too much.

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