On Contrary

Time and distance are my enemy
on contrary
They happened to be my allies as well

Time helped me decided where I am going right now, to wait and develop for something I have been building for the past 2 years. Distance, no matter how far helped me to understand what togetherness really means. There were more and more for both, further miles to travel yet plenty of chances to get through.

on contrary

Now I have lesser for both, smaller chance(s) yet closer distance. Just a doorstep away, a glance and somehow I will get there, yet time has little mercy for me to try.

Yes, while I was needed to travel far on contrary I still got time to go. Now, while as if it is just a doorstep away on contrary time would not allow me to travel.

Quite sad, for lesser chance(s)…on contrary…quite happy this could nourish me while blossoming ours…

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