Me Time

I’m an introvert, sometimes I’d rather to keep to myself and not bothering the world. So let me be on that kind of moment. It’s just my way to recharge mentally. Not even a warm good night call would work for me. I’m sure you might have experienced the same situation at some other times when you feel like you’d like to be left alone. Not because you are having a strong negative emotion you worried it might got displaced to the wrong person. It’s just that you need that silent moment, thinking about things, doing your own cool things (writing, music listening, contemplating, etc).

It might sound kind of strange, for you who have a GF/ BF within this circumstance. They might call, you’d feel wrong not to answer yet you also need that ‘loneliness’ for a moment. A little tip, just tell him/her you need that time. No matter how much your love is, it isn’t quite the substitute for a solitary moment.

Well, that’s “me time” for me. At times I would get angry being disturbed while being alone. Mostly I would let anyone know (perhaps implicitly by turning my lights out) that I’d like to be left alone or currently having a work/ report to be done. When I got too exhausted, either mentally or physically, this way (being in a solitary situation) somehow helps me get my ‘energy’ back. That’s just it…on contrary there are also people who ‘charge’ by plunging themselves in party or going to the mall…me? I just like to be left alone for a moment, please šŸ™‚

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