Here I am, after two years of fighting and fun, I stand alone yet again. Nothing I could really do to be mentally able to accept things and defeat myself. I tried running away, fight back, stand still and taking attack, no matter what I always ended up as the last man standing. People had come and gone, they are out there searching for their own happiness, some have found it and happily married. Well, I never live a simple and happy life. The complex composition and awkward way of it make me stronger and who I am currently, no regret.

It’s just, after these years spending time united as one. Now I’m really spending time as one, single, person. Still I have friends, yet it still feels different than having a girlfriend. I miss that moment where I could annoyingly texting just to tell her how I was bored in the middle of a night. I miss that moment where I could be assure of there was someone out there waiting for me.

Now all that moment has gone, I made the decision. It’s time to move on since I still have a life to carry on. This won’t be something I’d later regret. This is something I embrace, for this moment of sadness does not kill me, thus it shall make me stronger. My best of hope for you, who might be reading this as well after post publishing, I wish you a happy life ahead. Many tears had been shed, laughter been burst, just take them into consideration as sparks of a firecracker during your party of life. Yes, it’s the party and how you enjoy that matters.

For God is Most Understanding of all kind, for fate is unknown, even if we do cross each other’s line or don’t, I would still wish the best for you with all my heart. So long, goodbye, have a nice happy life ahead :’)