Jung never thought his psychoanalytical psychology would be such a foundation for other psychologists, creating some new perspectives upon how to see human personality. The Myers-Briggs personality type for example. It’s interesting how people could be understood by four sets of traits, each one has two type of character, and that makes a whole sixteen sets combination. Those are Extrovert/ Introvert, iNtuition/ Sensation, Thinker/ Feeler, and Perceiving/ Judging.

Those who are extroverted really enjoy being along people. They project themselves out, gain mental energy by meeting individuals and interact, and somehow looked more lively. Those who are introverted really enjoy being with themselves. They project themselves in (contemplation), gain mental energy by staying alone doing things they like, and somehow looked more quiet.

Those who use more of intuition usually go beyond what they senses can comprehend. They rely on something greater than that. While on the other hand, those who use more of senses, rely upon what they see/ understand as coming (as it is).

Those who goes under the ‘thinker’ flag rely more on their logic. They see things pragmatically, does only somehow whatever necessary. While those feeler use more of emotional side of themselves. They see things more as “would this hurt anyone’s feeling?”.

Those perceiving type, are them who tackle things as it coming. They don’t really prepare anything, rely quite on the improvisation when matters need to be handled at the very moment. While those judging type, they act and plan carefully, examine which is first, second, third, fourth, last, etc.

I’m not saying people would go blindly over each side of type, they just being on one more than the other.

As for me, I believe I’m an I-N-T-P. A very conceptual, theoretical combination, as I contemplate inside myself, thinking, while taking guesses on the future and improvise what’s coming. Easiest way to say, I do like to think about things, and I don’t handle my schedule well.

It’s a pain in the ass, for people under this combination, to have a schedule abruptly made, ready to go for, then suddenly ruined by something. To go over the other side is not as easy walking over a police line, we are talking about habitual change and trait here. So, when a P people trying to make schedule, he’s basically trying hardly to walk across the J side. Now that could be hard to do for some people.

My point is, after all these blatant writings, please respect other people’s schedule. They manage themselves and their time carefully, and it’s not something easy to do. Unwanted, is what I could say, whenever things end on the wrong side of the road…just because the schedule didn’t run very well…