I Need One, Immediately

Dear holiday,


it’s been a while since our last journey together. It was a city back then called Paris Van Java, such wonderful history it brought us travel all around day and night. I still remember how peaceful life was, no pressure of anything, no deadlines whatsoever. There was only having fun, sleeping, then waking up to do it all over again.

I miss you so bad, I wonder when can I see you again. I hope it would happen in nearest time possible. I have my deadlines to catch on at the moment. Oh how I wish you could just be here and take me away, even for just a day or two, save me from this world. Only you could bring anyone on brink of insanity to suddenly feel home again. From helpless and hopeless to energetic and spirited, you could do anything to a broken man, even for just a day  with him.

I am seeking to have chances with you soon, I hope we could have our best moment once again and this would not to be the last. Take care of those peaceful moments away from the world, keep them safe until I see you again.