Fight or Flight?

This is the question we all have been faced all these time in our life. There’s no single right answer to it, since every situation requires different things and each option would bring you to destruction, if not self-hindrance. So, how would you know when to choose fight or to choose flight? We don’t, for sure, we can only ‘feel’ or ‘guess’ what’s coming.

For example, I have a paper due tomorrow, I can choose two things: to fight, work all my might and get the job done entirely, or to flight, procrastinate all the way and get the job done through the lowest standard possible. Now, the answer is obviously clear, you should work your way up the hill and fight with everything you have got. But this is not the case we all have been through, some of us had to choose the sloppy way and take a flight, because they think the stress was far too much to handle if they chose to fight. Is it? Perhaps, so let’s say it is.

Now the real question is, how long can you stand the flight, because eventually you would face the problem when time has come. How would you know, it is time? It doesn’t have to be too late to realize. You would notice that uneasy sensation when choosing flight for some times, the uncomfortable feeling because you know what you’re doing is wrong. The feeling would be so strong that you’ll notice fleeing has given you even the same (if not more) stress and uneasiness compared to stand your ground and fight the problem.

THAT’S WHEN YOU SHOULD STOP RUNNING AND TRY TO FACE WHATEVER MAY COME. Why? You’ll only burden your body in more stress with fleeing because there’s no end result there. You go much further while, like a magnet and you were a steel bar, it goes stronger every time you try to escape. By this time, I think it’d be much better for us to turn our direction, using that pulling force to make us going faster then eventually we will hit the problem so hard and it will be shattered and solved.

It is hard to do, cause sometimes it would be already too late to get the feeling yet the problem has reached another level and impossible for us to handle. So my task (or our task) would be to recognize ourselves better, to know which option between fight or flight, that would stresses us much more overtime than at hand. How would you endure stress at hand, fighting all your way, and free yourself from all the troubles by the end of it (well at least you’ve tried, even if the result isn’t as expected), OR, you could be stress free and fleeing yet building more stress for every flight you have because time is running and the problem isn’t gonna solve itself. Consider that, know yourself, look back on past experience and evaluate how each options (fight or flight) had brought you results, and think of the present: how would you like it any better with your current situation? Would you choose to fight and see the end result of trying? Would you choose to flight and see how long you can endure (and yes, some problems isn’t gonna solved but they can be put in a closet for you to pick up later)?

This is me writing after getting the uneasy feeling from running away too long… I’ve reached the point where there’s no peace at all with fleeing. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat well, I got problems with my stomach, and all I know they have come resulting from my choice to flee, weeks ago.

So let’s fight (or flight, if you still wanted to)