Most of the time, to win a competition means to eliminate any other competitor. Sometimes by all means necessary.

Perhaps that was just me being insecure. Seriously, systematically, someone need to bring down anyone on the way, to win it. Again, by all means necessary.

Stumbled Upon

This is not about the website where you get to share interesting things with whomever you’d like.

This is a short story.

A conscious choice of an adult is a part of his own reality, a world he made for himself. Every simple little things he did, had a butterfly effect on other part of the world. Whenever he blew off a trivial things according to his mind, something big and disastrous occurred on the other side. Life is a flip of a coin, you don’t get to see the head without having its tail facing down. Something showed up for a reason, for something shoved down. You get to be happy in present while someday later sadness may stumble upon you. Don’t take things lightly, anything seems small, trivial, could have vast effect for others.

Such to say, never a man get stumbled upon a boulder since it is always gravels that slip him and put him down on his knees, aching.