It’s Been Awhile (Opening)


Act 1

It was all begun when he got introduced by a friend of his. He thought there would be no harm for getting his network expanded. Life might be harsh, love might hurt, but experience is still the best teacher. So he decided to let everything fall behind and start looking forward. Agreed being presented as a single man looking for new life, his friend shared his profile to an acquaintance hoping for a good beginning. Hoping to leave behind a dark past that entailed him wherever he went.

Act 2

There it was, a contact shared by his friend. A number with WhatsApp profile picture already there. It was not supposed to be a game changing moment for him. But no, he did not know that yet. He simply thought whether he was going through the moment or walked away from that awkward feeling in his chest. A moment of uncertainty. Pounding heart, swollen eyes, dizzy head, trembling hands, all told him to go away and never come back. Nothing happened that night.

Act 3

Sun was shining bright, smiling to him, saying good morning to his lazy ass attitude every time he started a day. He went off to work late, as usual. Gazing through anything his eyes caught on during his train travel to the office. Still he was thinking about whether he should say something or forget any idea about this contact. It was too tempting to ignore but to frightening at the moment, for he barely swallowed by his entailment. That dark past. Gazing eyes and wandering mind, of urban scenery and glimpse of action-reaction of his choices that somehow created a dark realm within his subjective sacred world, accompanied him when he finally safely arrived at that train station he used to stop. He walked out the train and said to himself, “I should try it tonight”.