Act 4: Something Changed

Monday morning never felt easy. There is always something bothering be it something urgent or important, perhaps even both. The usual would be, office assignments and deadlines. Some other times could be, urgent meetings and private contract negotiations. But this time around, it is different. I knew somehow it would be different because of what happened earlier on Sunday afternoon.

So it was Sunday, a usual like all those before this one. I didn’t really give a damn thought about it. Be it my heart pounding like crazy or even sweating hands while picking clothes and getting my car ready. It would be the first since many months ago. Picking up someone at their front porch felt uneasy.

Some conversations went on and I could say I really enjoyed any topics we had on that day. A tingling sensation that somehow urged me almost to giggle. Heart pounding moments led me to impulsively did several things I considered ridiculous. Ended up with a smile before saying thank you and good bye.

It was good. But I have something else going on.

That person’s image stuck in my head (although it’s only a day after). Something happened… Something changed… Inside me…