Our Quality Time

Seconds felt like days
Hours felt like weeks
Days felt like months
Years felt like decades

Among all countless time, i think quality is the keyword of all questions. One should not ask for “how long” or “how often” of one doing things. It’s all about “how it’s done” in one’s own way. Yes, quality sometimes is the answer provided for those who already felt that frequency and duration had no longer taken part in their life.

The same thing should goes for us, we don’t count the days we’ve spent. It’d be more reasonable to measure how we’ve spent them.  I’ll always try to do everything in a good quality, if possible, I’d like to try to have some quantity in it too. Because no matter how much you’ve done something, if you did it in a poor level and not at your best try, it’d mean nothing.

So come on, live your life to the fullest, and with the term “fullest” i mean: add more quality!